Pastor Troy & Jennifer Brody

Pastor Troy has been involved in youth ministry in one form or another for OVER thirty years!

As a youth who participated in a youth group in Philadelphia, Troy often shares that; “he probably would be dead today if he hadn’t found God.” During a conference in which his youth group attended Pastor Troy recalls a moment in which God called him into ministry:

I remember standing there during a service and praying to God for direction in my life. I was just realizing that at that point in my life I had new meaning to live. And that was to live for God! I recall specifically asking God to TAKE over control of my life, to take the reins and guide me through the rest of my life. I then realized that I was standing up front of the room we were in. Funny thing, I don’t recall walking down the aisle. Isn’t funny when we say to God one thing and don’t expect it to happen right away? I knew right then God had a plan for me and I wasn’t gonna get in the way to stop it, or slow it down!”

From that point on Pastor Troy remained in some capacity with youth groups everywhere he would go. From Philadelphia, to Hoboken, New Jersey to the Jersey Shore to Arkansas to Hillsboro, MO to where he is today, The CAVE in Festus MO! And if you ever ask, Troy will tell you it was an “AMAZING RIDE”!

Pastor Troy is married to Jennifer and they have four boys. They reside in the Hillsboro area.