Our Wednesday night service is called Crossline. Teenagers, ages 13 to 19, from Festus, Crystal City, Desoto, Herculaneum, Pevely, and Hillsboro get together and seek God’s will for their lives. We meet from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Student Center located directly behind Radiant Life Church.

Our Crossline services are not like most traditional youth meetings. With games, videos from today’s top Christian artists, worship led by our own youth band, small group discussion and God’s word delivered in a unique way each night, we are challenged and prepared for the on-going spiritual battle our teens face each day.

        “Transforming Misfits into Ministers” is our mission.  “Going Past the Altar” is our vision for this year.  Our hope is to help students really discover the life-changing power that the Good News of the Gospel brings and provide them with many opportunities to live a life of service.

        We now pick students up from Festus High School immediately after school on Wednesdays so they may help with different work projects, such as preparing food boxes for our food pantry.

We also transport students to and from the CAVE from other pick up points as well.



Areas needing HELP!:

~      Someone to make a “pick up run” in the Festus area of students who had to stay after school for various school activities. We usually have anywhere from 2-8 students.

Areas are usually Horine Road, Crystal City area, and Festus.


~      We would also love to have someone help run the coffee house on Wednesdays. This would include preparing the after school meal for the working students. Then helping cook orders BEFORE service, helping cleaning up and shut down the coffee house by 6:45.


~ As always we need adults who are led to be mentors, small group leaders, and just extra set of eyes around the CAVE. A training session is required for small group leaders and mentors.

(Please note - this would not be a major consumption of time. However, it is mandatory.)


Please pray about helping us in ANY area. And as always, you are welcome any time to sit in a Crossline service and get a feeling of what you may be in store for.


Thanks. If you have any questions please feel free to call me here at the church…636-937-0800 extension 19.