Breath of Life Drama, B.O.L.D., uses a unique style of
ministry to bring to life everyday issues teens AND adults face.
Using music and original “human videos,” BOLD will captivate any
audience. This is definitely not your traditional style of “cheesy”
church drama.

   Chris and Dawn Cox, team directors, lead a team made up of
youth in bringing to life songs which best describes struggles we
face each day. They show that with the power and love that God
gives, we can overcome any, and EVERY, attack the enemy throws
at us.

   “We would rather offend you to heaven than love you to
hell!” has been one motto of this team. Anytime they perform,
God uses BOLD to help deliver His message of hope and love.
BOLD also competes in the Pentecostal Church Of God’s

   District and National Teen Talent Events. God has blessed them
with three national championships, but the goal has always been
to “reach even just one for the Lord!”

   Whether providing a whole service with drama and music,
or helping to make a sermon illustration, BOLD has traveled
extensively, always with their unique touch (even sharing at youth
conferences and summer camp meetings).
For booking information please contact the
CAVE at 636-937-0800 ext. 19